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Swimmin with the Sharks Swimmin with the Sharks

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ah, I feel like I'm getting on touch with the roots of Egoraptor cartoons... dude seems to hang out mostly on Youtube nowadays, makes me laugh how he's protected his newer, slightly "bubblegum" audience from stuff like this.

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Love4Dead Love4Dead

Rated 4 / 5 stars

O I C wut u did thar...

Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing.

"Hot Chocolate"...

Fucking Kids! Fucking Kids!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Aha, I see the pun.

'Fucking' kids.
Anyway, I liked it (although it feels wrong saying so). The insane crudity and inappropriate nature of it got a good shocked laugh from me.

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Deer Bitch, Deer Bitch,

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Tips Below.

- Ovr time, roe deers will probably become the most useful (Provided you're reasonably skilled).
- The most sturdy and financially rewarding vehicle is the monster truck.
- A moose with a full cyborg upgrade will be able to destroy any vehicle in a single hit.
- The long trucks are like heavenly gifts; Because of their length and speed you can bounce on them many times, which is really useful for building up combos and getting money. If you destroy them, the still-running frames also serve as useful 'nets' to keep you in the air.
- Red deers aren't very helpful in comparison to the other two, but if you're interested in getting all the medals, you'll need at least one on your team.
- A roe deer with a full cyborg upgrade can destroy the smallest cars in a single hit.
- In order to get the "Monster Spectacular" trophy, you'll need a moose with at least the full cyborg upgrade and level two duck upgrade (the one that increases bounce). Oh, and a hell of a lot of luck.
- Don't follow a vehicle you're trying to destroy too far to the edge of the screen, or you'll bounce of an invisible barrier which can often lead the the death of your deer... again.
- You should probably put it on low quality...

Some suggestions...

- That previously mentioned invisible barrier can be quite a nuisence - it would be better if you could just make it so that the deer stops moving toward the edge.
- There's clearly a hell of a lot of detail in this. The deer's faces change each time they hit a vehicle and the car designs obviously differ with each of the areas. An art gallery would be quite cool.
- It's cool that you get to name each deer, but it only ever appears in the shop, so there isn't a massive amount of point in doing so. Perhaps a Soul Calibur-style pop-up after each deer dies or somehing.
- You were clearly trying to implement personalities into each deer, but it kind of fades as you soon stop paying attention to their facial expressions. Some voices wouldn't hurt.
- There doesn't see to be an ending. I mean, I never quite got all the medals, so if there's some kind of scene once you do then it's way too difficult to get there. Maybe a certain total accumulated money goal, and something else for getting all medals like... freakin hentai of something.

Oh come on now, admit it, it's one of the best motivations ;)

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LARRY: Doug-Out LARRY: Doug-Out

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Ironic really...

... that Doug, the one in the title of the game, is also the one that ruins it.

Anime Tower Anime Tower

Rated 4 / 5 stars

One correction needed.

On your part about dubbing, you said that the mouths are drawn to corespond to the Japanese voice actors words. Fact of the matter is, it's the opposite; The way they usually simply open and close in most animes is done specially so that it can be dubbed over by other languages.

Apart from that misleading part, I have to agree with the flash.

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Jealous Guy Jealous Guy

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


What, no bearded John?